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Beginning at midnight on Wednesday, June 20th and ending at midnight on Thursday, June 21st, New York’s WKCR-FM (89.9 on the dial) will be hosting an historic event: the 24-Hour Ragas Live Festival, featuring live performances by Indian classical musicians for a full 24 hours, presenting ragas specific to the season and time of day (with a few Carnatic performances thrown in for good measure)! The festival is part of the Make Music NY festival happening throughout the city, and is being co-sponsored by the Brooklyn Raga Massive and HarmoNYom. Here is a list of the performers and times (I’m performing at 7pm!):

12am Neel Murgai – Sitar / 1am Sameer Gupta and Ehren Hanson – Tabla Duo / 2am Achyut Joshi – Vocal
Iklhaq Hussain – Sitar / 4am – Anjana Roy – Sitar / 5am Askhay Anantapadmanabhan – Mridangam
Indrajit Roy Chowdhury – Sitar / 7am Daisy Paradis – Sitar / 8am Samarth Nagarkar – Vocal               
Eric Fraser – Flute / 10am Falu Shah – Vocal / 11am Shanti Sivani – Vocal
Steve Gorn – Flute / 1pm Karavika – Violin & Cello / 2pm Gargi Shinde – Sitar
3pm Camila Celin – Sarod / 4pm Kedar Naphade – Harmonium / 5pm Vivek Rudrapatna – Carnatic Violin
6pm Jay Gandhi – Flute / 7pm Andrew Mendelson – Sitar / 8pm Arun Ramamurthy – Carnatic Violin
9pm Roopa Mahadevan – Carnatic Vocal / 10pm Oded Tzur – Saxophone / 11pm Kiran Ahluwalia – Vocal

On Tabla & Harmonium accompaniment:
Nitin Mitta, Sameer Gupta, Ehren Hanson, Naren Budhakar, Dan Weiss, Stephen Celluci, Andrew Shantz
On Mridingam accompaniment:
Akshay Anantapadmanabhan

This is a wonderful opportunity to hear performances of ragas at their proper times, and by some truly talented artists. The festival will be recorded and featured on both the WKCR online archives on wkcr.org and on podcast site nycradiolive.org. For more information, visit HarmoNYom.org. Happy listening!


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  1. Went to the HarmonYom.org link and nothing about this. Where?Can one get tickets? Ran into this previous years–
    is obscurantism a way to promote music? Please reconsider.



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