a Cricket in the Court of Akbar
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I had a wonderful experience at the Hamilton International Film Festival a few weeks ago. Hamilton is a small town in upstate New York, and home to Colgate University. The film festival is an intimate event, with screenings held at the historic Hamilton Theater, and where filmmakers and audiences can come together and really connect. The festival is put together by Grant and Todd Slater of Slater Brothers Entertainment, and they have done a fantastic job bringing the community together around some great films. It was really lovely to meet so many enthusiastic members of the audience, and I really enjoyed the other films at the festival. I had the opportunity to play for a crowd at the opening reception at the Colgate Bookstore which was a real treat (clip above). This is definitely a festival worth attending! I’d really like to thank Grant and Todd, as well as Chuck Fox of the Hamilton Theater, for making this such a memorable experience.

Andrew Mendelson

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